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Village and City Life Differences: Top 9 List



Recently; i happen to by chance hear few old men talking about life in the village in comparison to a city life. What sparkle my interest was that; they’re not the only one concerned – i was too. In this article, we will first take a look at the advantages – that is; Village and City Life Differences

village or city life

Definition of a Village and City Life

According to PlanningTank; a “village” is defined from the French word – group of buildings. In this definition context; one can say the population of people living in a village is relatively small than that of the city.

While a City which was derived from the French word – citizenry is a larger town with much building and advanced facilities

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Pros: Village and City Life Differences

*. PROS of a Village Life*. PROS of a CITY LIFE
1.Fresh Fruits, Foods and Vegetables Better Storage and Preservation of Foods
2.Increased Strength through forms of Rigorous ExerciseLife made easier with Technology and hence lesser efforts yields high output
3.Friendship, Kinship and Relationship are highly respectedNew Relationship can be easily through use of ICT Gadgets
4.Healthy Living due to Fresh Fruits, Foods and Exercise.New Health Technology Research and Equipment had helped in treatment of diseases termed incurable
5.There are enough Trees which provides Shades for relaxation and helped to reduce effect of windstormTall buildings such as Skyscrappers are built to provide awesome view of the beautiful city
6.Mother Nature natural creatures and plants are preserved and as well as nurtured.Mother Nature plants are used in combination with other chemical/physical compound to create new cure or innovation
7.Native Dialect/Local Language are used in forms of communication.

This helps to strengthen the bond with their heritage and culture.
Due to different people and tribe living in a city; general language such as English.

However in cities such as Ibadan where majority of the inhabitants are South Western; Yoruba is used as the language
8.Calm and Serene EnvironmentSophisticated Environment with hi-tech gadgets
9.Constant Communication within each other e.g in markets, river side, farms, etc.Communication made easier with the use of email, phones and other electronic gadgets

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Village and City Life Differences: Which One Do You Prefer

Now that you have learnt about the differences between a Village and City Life, what’s your choice?

Apart from smelling the fragrance of a flower and appreciating Mother's Nature beauty; i take delight in travelling, meeting new people and tasting other's culture ;)

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