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9 Ways To Stay Healthy During Harmattan Season



Harmattan is the season that usually happens during the end of November till towards March and is usually accompanied with dust and dirt. Due to its nature; it is usually easy to fall sick usually catarrh, cough, dehydration and etc. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy during harmattan season.

how to stay healthy during harmattan

Harmattan season temperature can be very cold in some parts while the temperature could be hot in another places. However what’s common is its dry and dusty wind which usually cause dry skin and broken lips.

For asthmatic people; it is highly recommended they reduce the amount of their outings as this season can trigger asthma and allergies.

Harmattan Season in Nigeria : 6 Facts You Should Know About It

9 Ways To Stay Healthy During Harmattan Season

  1. Try to avoid/reduce the frequency of your outdoor activities – most especially if you’re an asthma patient or have allergies
  2. When going somewhere very dusty (full of sand); ensure to cover your face with an handkerchief – or wear a mask if possible
  3. To prevent dehydration – drink plenty of water. The human body might be able to survive without food but not without water.
  4. Keep your body warm and try not to wear loose clothing.
  5. Wash your eyes regularly to prevent red eyes
  6. The doors and windows should be kept closed to avoid dust from blowing in
  7. As mentioned in Number #1; try as much as possible to stay indoor in order not to inhale harmful particles dispersed by the wind
  8. Use cream that prevents your body skin from getting dry such as moisturizer
  9. If you’re an asthamatic person and had no choice but to go outdoor for something; ensure you keep your inhaler handy

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