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5 Best Life Lessons from Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker Movies



Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker had been an awesome Fantasy/Sci-Fi movie – checkout the FULL review of the movie HERE. However on this article; we’ll be taking a look at 5 Best Life Lessons from Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker movies.

Note: This article contain Spoilers

best life lessons from star wars movie

#1. Life Lessons From Star Wars About “Unity”

“If you want to go fast, go Alone. If you want to go Far, go together”

The great battle against the resistance in the movie wouldn’t have succeed had it been Rey (the protagonist in the movie) decided to face her enemies alone. She fought with the help of her friends as well as her allies to won the battle.

This part is trying to buttress and stressed the importance of Unity and how we can achieved a lot by doing things together.

#2. Life Lessons From Star Wars Movie About “Friendship”

“Your Worse enemy can later Become Your Best Friend”

Kylo Ren is a dark warrior in the movie who is super-strong with the Force. In the beginning; he was Rey’s worse enemy (the antagonist) but later became her best friend and helped Rey destroying the biggest threat in the galaxy. As a matter of fact- he even did sacrificed his life-force so that Rey could get to live.

This No #2 life lessons from Star Wars stressed about how your biggest enemy can also become your best friend.

#3. Life Lesson About “One-Self”

“If you do not Control SELF, you will be Controlled by SELF”

Rey discovered she did also have a dark side and if she did not control it, she might eventually be controlled by the dark side.

Same thing applies to everyone of us – We all have this side of us that if not well harnessed can lead one astray

However if you’re able to learn how to harness and Control SELF; it’d become your greatest weapon allowing you to achieve impossible feat.

Star Wars Rise of the Sky-walker Full Review

#4. Life Lesson about “Standing For Something”

“Stand for Something, or you’ll Fall for Anything”

Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron and the rest of the Resistance stood for loyalty and goodness and they had sworn to fight with their life in upholding goodness in the Star War Movie Rise of the Skywalker.

In a world whereby it is easier to get lost amidst the noise and crowd; you should always strive to be YOURSELF.

#5. Life Lessons about Being “Alone”

“You are Not Alone”

When Rey, Finn and Doe decided to face the greatest threat in the Galaxy in the Star Wars Movie Rise of the Skywalker Movie; they later realized they were outnumbered and might NOT win the war. To their surprise; other allies joined them from No-where and helped them fight and won the war.

In Life; when we are embarking on a project or about to start a Good cause -you might want to think that you are ALONE but you are not.

Whatever you’re facing; there are always people out there who ready to offer you an helping hand.

Apart from smelling the fragrance of a flower and appreciating Mother's Nature beauty; i take delight in travelling, meeting new people and tasting other's culture ;)

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