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Harmattan Season in Nigeria : 6 Facts About Harmattan You Should Know



The Harmattan season in Nigeria is a season that occurs between the end of November and lasts till through the middle of March. Its characteristics comprises of the dry and dusty wind which always accompany the season.

Here are 6 Things we also think you should know about Harmattan Season in Nigeria

harmattan season
Harmattan dust By EquipeTKNal (Own work)

1. Harmattan Season Transports Large Amounts of Dust from/to Far Places

Harmattan dust might seems like a dust gathered and blowing only around nearby but it’s not. Research shows harmattan dust can, and do travel long distance carrying large amounts of dust and transporting them out over the Atlantic Ocean.

2. They can interfere with Aircraft Operations

Due to their Nature, Harmattan can also interfere with Aircraft Operations and even settles on ship decks.

3. Difference between Harmattan and Winter

Most people might want to confuse Harmattan season in West Africa with Winter in overseas but there’s a difference. The only similarity between them is the month that which they do occur.

As for the difference ; it snows during winter and their freeze pointing is quite much different.

4. Harmattan culled from the Twi word – “haramata”

Did you know?

The season of Harmattan, culled from Twi word haramata, originates from the dry and dusty harmattan trade winds which blows from the Sahara desert over West Africa

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5. Harmattan is NOT Always COLD!

Harmattan apart from being characterized by dust and wind also often comes with cold temperature. However unlike the conventional thought ; it is not always cold.

In some places ; the temperature can be hot. This shows Harmattan temperature depends on local circumstances.

6. Harmattan is known as the Doctor

In case you hear from somewhere people saying doctor wind, it is the Harmattan wind they’re referring to.

Credits: Wikipedia || Quora || Britannica

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